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There is so much happening in our lives. We visit places, take pictures, listen to music but unfortunately the memories fade out as time passes.

Log My Day helps you capture all these memories and collects additional information such as weather, activities and events.


Sync Reminders Sharing
iCloud and Dropbox transfer your items and pictures wirelessly to all your devices
Let Log My Day remind you to write
Send your daily routine by mail or individual parts via the major social platforms
Photos Temperature Music
Add pictures to your entries and view all your photos by date
The current temperature is automatically loaded and inserted
Your current music playing and all changes are logged automatically
Locations Backups Forwarding
View all of your visited places
Secure your entries, so you don't lose them
The location determination is not always pinpoint on the meter you, so we let you forward your locations
Themes Fitbit/Moves data Calendar Daten
Log My Day comes with a variety of themes that fit your mood and style
No M7 processor, but a Fitbit Tracker or Moves-App? Log My Day can automatically fetch data from Fitbit and Moves
Your appointments are automatically loaded and displayed to you to ensure, that you get the best possible overview of your day
Passcode Questions Export
Protect your data with a passcode and Apple's "data protection"
Answer questions about your day and add relevant questions
Export your whole library or a specific period as a PDF

Any questions?

If you still have questions, visit the Log My Day FAQ[German], or use the Contact Form

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